12th annual Fairfax Pinball Open - October 5th to 7th

The 12th annual Fairfax Pinball Open (FPO) returns after a 3 year hiatus. Formerly a PAPA Circuit Event, the return of FPO will host a main and classics tournament with additional machines on coin drop (tournament games will be on free play). There is no attached show, so no door fee as in 2013 and 2014.

Full details can be found here on the website: https://pinholicsanonymous.com/home/fairfax-pinball-open/

Note: Player field will be limited to 150 players, so pre-registration is important for anyone traveling.

Summary of details:
October 5th through 7th

Friday: 5pm to 1am for both main and classics
Saturday: 10am to 4pm for classics, 10am to 1am for main

Classics on Saturday at 5pm
Main on Sunday at 10am (B finals at 12pm noon)

Main is modified Herb best game, best 5 of 10 machines
Main finals is a 32 player single elimination, best of 5 matches. Top 8 get two byes, next 8 get one bye.
B division finals will be next 8 players above IFPA ranking of 1000.

Classics is modified Herb best game, best 4 of 8 machines
Classics finals is a 24 player PAPA style, 4 player, 3 game match. Top 8 get one bye.

Registration and entry fees:
Tournament registration is $15 pre-registration or $20 at-the-door. This includes 2 entires to either main or
classics. Game entries are $2.50/each, sold in increments of $5.
Unlimited qualifying attempts.

Location and hotel:
The venue is Carpool bar and grill at 12821 Fair Lakes Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22033.
There is a hotel block through September 7th only, at the Residence Inn by Marriott Fair Lakes that is across the parking lot from Carpool. Fri/Sat block is only $200 total. We recommend reserving rooms ASAP before the 7th. Many other hotels in the area found on google maps.

Expenses and prize pools:
Registration fees will be applied to all tournament expenses, with pre-allocated remainder going towards main prize pool, un-allocated remainder going towards 2019 FPO expenses. Pre-allocated simply means overages identified before the tournament starts, with at-the-door registration fees (un-allocated) being held in reserve for unexpected or non-budgeted expenses.

Entry fees will be applied to the respective tournament, main or classics. $1 IFPA fees / player will be subtracted from these prize pools. Players must play 3 games in main or 2 games in classics to be included in the results to IFPA.

We need help with scorekeeping and those seeking to assist can sign up for shifts on the web-site. Volunteers will receive their registration fee and 2 entries for their first shift, and 6 entries for their subsequent shifts (unless they chose to pay for registration in which case they will receive 6 entries for all shifts). Volunteers may sign up for one or more shifts here: https://pinholicsanonymous.com/home/fairfax-pinball-open/fairfax-pinball-open-volunteer/

Technicians, registration desk and tournament directors will be contacted directly and receive similar compensation.

Any questions, you can reply to this thread. Your questions might already be answered on the web-site.

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We’re adding a game entry discount. Games will cost $10 for 5 entries for $2/game. We’re trying to find the right balance of prize pool and entry level costs for beginners without creating long lines in queue. Website will be updated later today.